Give Me G.R.I.T.S.

Girls Raised Intentionally To Succeed

By Terri L. Quinton

Give Me G.R.I.T.S.

Girls Raised Intentionally To Succeed

Secrets of Successful Daughters Raised by Extraordinary Mothers

Each of us carries a bit of our ancestry with us. It is what makes us look like we do and perhaps even act like we do. As a woman and daughter, I contend that every woman is touched by her mother – birth or otherwise. Women have an enormous influence upon a child that lasts for an entire lifetime. This book examines some of the extraordinary women I personally know and the mothers who raised them. Life’s lessons can come from anywhere; but our mothers provide some of the best.

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Terri L. Quinton

I love to write. It is what completes me. Several years ago, I started a book to honor my mother. She was a strong influence on who I am. I started writing and interviewing my friends but had a hard time figuring out why anyone else might want to read something I wrote.       The original title for this book was Mothers and the Lessons They Taught Us. But with so many books about mothers, I couldn’t quite get a grip on the direction to take. I just wasn’t sure what these women and their mothers were trying to tell me. Finally, I realized people are always looking for principles that have helped us live our lives. And these women had such amazing stories of strength, courage and hope to tell. Plus, my friend Margo J. Posey, commanded me to just go do it! It was the push I needed to move forward.

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The Daughters

This book chronicles the impact mothers had on me and 25 of my close associates. There are lessons to be learned that we hope our stories help pay forward to others. The single most important is LOVE – the one element we all have in common. To mothers and daughters and that unique important bond we share…

Book Excerpts

Billye Babtiste Rayes, Mother of Royalyn Reid

Billye’s Mission Statement

“You have probably heard of creating a personal brand, but have you ever stopped to think what your mission statement is. Billye has. Here is hers:

Lord, help me to make a positive different in the lives of others.

Billye gets up every morning and repeats her mission aloud to herself. Wow! What a power and lesson to be learned by all.

Lorena and Celia Valencia

Right Is Right, There Is No Gray

”My mom always taught me to value honesty above all other things,” says Lorena. “When I was about eleven, she said something that has become a tenet I live by. ‘The most comfortable pillow in the world is that of a clean conscience.’ To this day, I live by that motto of honesty and integrity. I mean what I say and say what I mean.”

Doris Marie Henderson Lovejoy, the author’s mother

Fiercely Independent

My own independent thinking I lay at the feet of my mother. I did not have all the obstacles placed in my way that my mother did. But, at an early age I knew I would go to college, get a good job and be “successful.” It’s the DNA she gave me, as well as the will to think I could do it. There is nothing more inspiring than to have someone believe in you, and my mother was my biggest cheerleader. She reminded me that I came from a line of smart people, no matter where they finally ended up in life.”

I knew your mother and your writing made her come alive.

– Loyce Jean

When you’re young you expect that your mother would sacrifice anything for you. But when you’re grown and a mother yourself, you begin to comprehend how much she sacrificed. This book reminds me how much I miss her.

– MD

I read this to my mother while she was in the hospital and before she passed away. It made both of us cry. You have captured the words I could not come out and tell her about how she has touched my life.

– Marilyn Pinson

I found this book riveting, sensitive, lovely and hard to put down! 

– Sandra Clay


Mother’s Day 2022

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